Building The New Coburg Islamic Centre


Building The New Coburg Islamic Centre

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Bank Name: NAB
BSB number: 083-376
Acc. Number: 919-355-229

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Hesap adı: Turkish Islamic Society of Victoria
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Turkish Islamic Society of Vic Inc
BSB: 083 376
Acc. No: 91935 5229
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Ref: Rebuild
Ph No: +61393865324
Address: 31 Nicholson Street, Coburg VIC 3058, Australia

The Coburg Islamic Centre has been a site of active service to the community for almost 50 years. Established in 1970, our facilities are ageing with high cost of maintenance and little scope for effective renovations to bring the Centre up to standard for use as a contemporary Masjid. Key issues include structural problems with the dome, incorrect Qibla direction, worn down general appearance, and impractical functioning of general spaces, in particular the sister’s prayer area.

InshaAllah it is time to rebuild the Centre. Located in multicultural Coburg, the CIC is one of the few inner-city Masjids in Melbourne and as such the rebuild is an opportunity to present a visible symbol of a vibrant, open and inclusive Islam to contemporary Australia.

Community Benefits for Rebuilding

  • An attractive and contemporary place of gathering and worship for all our Umma, young and old, men and women
  • A modern relaxed and vibrant café open to the general public that will provide a space for welcome and conviviality
  • A multipurpose hall with kitchenette for the community & businesses to use for private functions
  • Facilities for lectures, workshops and discussions and ongoing Quran & Islamic classes for children and new Muslims
  • Counseling services to help members of our community with the spiritual and psychological challenges of modern life
  • A Gallery and Information Centre using interactive displays and exhibitions to explain the essence, meaning and history of Islam to visitors from all walks of life to help foster understanding and friendship


Objectives of The New Centre

  • To establish a place of worship and learning, that is a sanctuary of peace and friendship open to all—Muslims and otherwise, young and old, men and women—to communicate the Creator’s message of love and unity for all humanity.



  • Total capacity for 600 worshipers
  • Contemporary architecture that is modern, elegant and practical
  • Large light filled covered courtyard that will be a gathering space for all of our community as well as for use during the Jumah prayers and Eid festivities.
  • Information Centre and Gallery that provides information and learning about Islamic principles and a life of meaning and purpose open to all
  • Independent contemporary Café drawing on the best of Melbourne’s culinary culture
  • Mezzanine floor in the main masjid providing additional secluded prayer space
  • Fully appointed and comfortable women’s prayer area—The Mariam Hall—with kitchenette and storage facilities
  • Multipurpose hall with dividable rooms
  • Contemporary, clean and hygienic ablution facilities for wudhu with child change and disabled facilities in both men and women’s areas


Active Services

  • Calendar of scheduled tours and open days for spiritual seekers and general enquirers
  • Quran, general Islamic knowledge and Fiqh classes
  • New Muslim Support (NMS) services
  • Extensive donation and volunteer projects


Project Stages & Fundraising

Coburg Islamic Centre Rebuild Timeline
  • $3+ Million Project Investment
  • Stage 1 – Architectural Designing FINISHED
  • Stage 2 – Council Approval FINISHED
  • Stage 3 – Building Permit Approval FINISHED
  • Stage 4 – Tendering Process FINISHED
  • Stage 5 – Demolition FINISHED
  • Stage 6 – Construction  (12 Months) IN PROCESS
  • Stage 7 – Completion

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$2,377 28/11/2022
$150 27/11/2022
$50 27/11/2022
$20 25/11/2022
$50 25/11/2022
$430 24/11/2022


Want to donate large amounts?

If you want to donate a large amount please contact us and we’ll be happy to accept the donation via Bank Deposit.
We also offer special packages for Businesses which will give you access to some benefits and services.

I have questions about the re building the new mosque, who do i speak with?

If you have any questions or suggestions please visit our contact us page and submit an inquiry using the contact us form, you can also call us or send us an email.