As Muslims began migrating to Australia in large numbers during the 1960s many urgent social and religious needs became apparent. Islamic centres, mosques, schools and community support centres were of a high priority.

To meet these basic needs, in 1970, two dwellings were acquired in Coburg, 10km north of Melbourne, to house a mosque and a weekend Islamic school. Within three years however, these premises could no longer cope with the influx of new Muslim migrants.

In 1976, the new Fatih Mosque Complex (Coburg Islamic Centre) was built at 31 Nicholson Street, Coburg. The centre seeks to truly reflect the needs of the local Muslim constituency in this century. The current management committee of the Centre, through the envisaged changes wishes for the centre to be accessible to the whole Australian Muslim as well as non-Muslim community alike thus representing the multicultural mosaic of Australia.